It all started over 40 years ago!

Here we are today!

Our Goal!

“In 1975, the Pillen family started Pillen Optical to provide for the Black Hills area all their optical needs. Our goal was to provide optical care at the lowest prices and the highest quality. We have continued to operate today with that same basic philosophy.

Sell eyewear by providing the best possible information to the customer and let them decide what best suits their needs. Be helpful and honest to our customers so they have a peaceful and enjoyable experience.

We feel it’s important that our customers understand what they are purchasing. To better educate our staff, we attend training conferences every year so we understand and can explain to our customers, the recent technologies in the optical industry.

We at Pillen Optical have invested in our business so that you receive a better quality handcrafted product. We are the only independent optical that has a full-service lab. This means we handcraft your entire order ourselves. This allows us to control the product we are making and ensure that the quality is what you should expect from Pillen Optical. We work diligently every day to provide the finest quality we can, because unlike a large industrial lab, our name goes on our product.

We have been your locally owned, family business that does better than the large retail chains to offer higher quality, better service and lower prices for over 40 years.”

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